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Real Estate Leasing is one of the most profitable activities within the real estate industry and is also one of the most prosecuted contracts, due to the many ins and outs and details of its drafting and defense, which you will learn in this course. .    

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Access at any time.
View the content through our platform based on your interests and your agenda


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Active Community.
Be part of an active community of people who have the same interest as you, we constantly have live events to complement knowledge.

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Proof of Participation. 
Once the course is finished, we will send you a certificate regarding the successful completion of your course that verifies that you have the knowledge

Edificio residencial


This course is not available live, however you can purchase it in recorded format with a BIG DISCOUNT! compared to its regular price.

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A.- Clase Introductoria. Arrendamiento y subarrendamiento

Duración: 1:43 hrs

B.- Daños y Depósito

Duración: 1:45 hrs

C.- Impago y desahucio

Duración: 1:44 hrs

D.- Incumplimiento de pago por Covid

Duración: 1:35 hrs

E.- Fiadores y obligados solidarios

Duración: 1:43hrs

F.- Arrendamiento y ley de extinción de dominio

Duración: 1:43 hrs

G.- Límites al Arrendamiento

Duración: 1:27 hrs

H.- Los MASC en Inmobiliario

Duración: 1:33hrs


Frequently asked questions. Solve 5 common doubts.

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What is Lawgic?

It is a law school that offers quality education online,
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Do I get Certificate?

Yes, you get a certificate of participation.
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What platform do you use?

At Lawgic we use Zoom for live and Kajabi events.
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How can I pay?

Credit or debit card,
transfer, PayPal, 
Stripe and deposit.
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Is there a guarantee / refund?

Clear! No questions or conditions, 
100% refund.

Are you interested in participating?Know the pre-sale price, until September 20.


promotion price
until September 20.

$950 mxn

Take advantage of our price of
promotion and don't run out of discount!

Promotion valid until September 20, 2022, presale price includes VAT


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Leave your information and we will contact you

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